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Latin Fly takes a big step towards equalaccess to education

Latin fly has been promoting content from renowned first-class world publishers in Latin America as an exclusive representation. In this time, they have distributed content from the most recognized publishers in the world in the education and professional industries. Now, in a new stage to continue the progression of equal access to education, five countries in Africa will join Latin Fly.

The inequality world crisis, in which Africa holds an important place, requires unconditional support as it is evident, now more than ever, that these territories are in need to equal educational access to relevant content as a transcendental tool to improve the collective landscape in education worldwide. These countries have struggled to information access and educational supplies, whether its because of geographical or economical issues and now it represents a big challenge for publishers and governments.

As part of their ongoing plans to keep developing emerging markets and underdeveloped countries, Latin Fly has announced last November new agreements signed with South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria, that will be added as unquestionable allies to keep strengthening their program: “Education is the main issue in this never ending fight against poverty, equality, freedom and the development of a civil community, this is why the acquisition of relevant content, platforms and needed knowledge affordable to these countries will give them a chance to provide their people the necessary tools to have a better life. It is our duty to sign agreements so these countries can offer a better equitable education.” said Enrique Gallego, CEO for Latin Fly.

Latin Fly is a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, promoting relevant content in the educational and professional segments, and managing a network at different levels. With Headquarters in Miami and regional ambassadors in Buenos Aires, Bogota, Puerto Rico and Mexico City, the turn has come for the African continent.

“To be able to understand the macro political, economical and social differences in every Latin American countries, different taxes, average wages, constant devaluations and government instabilities, it has made us build a universal system to operate in LATAM. We have the know how and that puts us on a great position to continue our growth in underdeveloped countries.” confirmed Enrique and added: “In Africa, we will find a similar market if not identical in which we will have to struggle with currency collapsing, government instability plus import and export issues”

The challenge is certain. Africa is a huge continent, it has nearly double the countries of the

European Union (54), and with many diversities to consider: Several languages, religions,

cultures, a very different landscape.

“Just like the difficulty to get access to quality water or lack of nutrition contribute to constant diseases, not having equal access to education sentences these countries to live in perpetual inequality from all sides, from economic, social and even moral.” statements from Latin Fly’s CEO from Ghana, one of his stops in this new step to expansion.

Is this a program thought exclusively for universities/faculties?

Not at all. We provide help in the distribution of relevant content: from books, journals, webinars, seminars, etc. We are consultants of content in all their formats. What I mean is, we think on an integral solution, from being able to offer satellite-based internet, for example, and to think just in universities or educational terms would be close-minded, what we intend to do is to improve education in qualitative terms but also quantitative. We have the obligation to cover every scenario in education, from start to finish.

Latin fly is certain that the work to be done is vast. It is not only about fighting illiteracy or focus on new generations, but it goes further. It includes providing information and make it public and make the people aware of key issues.

What’s the goal for 2022?

We will continue to work on our network and our goal is to help as many institutions as possible in South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria, where we will begin our English programs and in Ivory Coast and Senegal where we will do the same but in French logically.

However, setting a single goal is premature and we need to focus on the starting point, which is, to begin working on our relationship with governments to secure satellite-based internet. A fundamental tool now-a-day.


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