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Our mission and Vision invited us to expand our territory.  

LatinFly creates bridges between publishers and local players in the African Continent 



• We use first class content from our partners and we adapt it to a specific reality. Africa deals with structural economy struggling, reduced access to technology, modest education budgets and limited access to international publishing…


• We promote agreements with public and private African universities to jointly develop useful strategies to build up capital knowledge in African universities and governments:

• We selectively provide high discount schedules for strategic regional distributors. Mixing this with other benefits, African students  can get affordable, reliable and original content solution in both, print and digital. 

• We bring together local African academics and publishers to print/distribute their investigation on books and journals

Estudiante universitario

Universities & Academics

If you represent any African public or private education institution please contact us to start working together.

 Check how can we help and who do we work with


Nothing will distract us from our final goal: we want students to get affordable, reliable and original text books (print and digital). 

 Check how can we help and who do we work with

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