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Emerald is a vibrant business full of energy and passion about making research count.

Going beyond the bounds of a traditional publisher, they want to be a facilitator of impact, encouraging equitable, healthy and sustainable research and publishing for all.


Emerald Publishing is one of the world's leading digital-first publishers, commissioning, curating and showcasing research that can make a real difference.

They work with thousands of universities and business schools across the world to share knowledge and provoke the kind of debate that leads to positive change. They are passionate about people and doing things differently


What makes them different?

For over 50 years, championing fresh thinking has been at the heart of the Emerald business. Their goal is to help those in academia or people in practice work together to make a positive change in the real world.

While their roots are in publishing, they recognize their audiences need unique support, guidance and resources.


The world of academia is under increasing pressure and expectation, and the traditional markers of influence such as citations are limited. Their role is to help challenge conventional ways of thinking, bringing people together to discover, curate and put into practice research that really matters.

Our Favorites


Winning Through Platforms: How to Succeed When Every Competitor Has One

1st Edition - 9781804553015

Ted Moser, Charlotte Bloom  and Omar Akhtar 


Winning through Platforms is your new go-to guide for modern competitive advantage.

Digital platforms are no longer for just the tech elite. They’re spreading to every company and industry, powered by the growth of customer sensors, streaming data, and artificial intelligence—lighting the valuable customer Use journey that was formerly dark.

How will you succeed when your markets get platform-crowded? Three senior advisers to the world’s leading technology companies reveal how to win through platforms when every competitor has one.

Winning through Platforms decodes growth moves from a decade of platform competition, communicates them through a platform playbook. It’s a treasure trove of 24 proven platform strategies—such as customer coalition design, in-use enrichment, AI branding, and much more. These playbook strategies are delivered through engaging stories of over 50 companies, plus proprietary frameworks and workshop-style questions that lead you to act.

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