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Aspen Publishing is a leading provider of educational content and digital learning solutions to law schools in the U.S. and around the world. Aspen provides best-in-class solutions for legal education through authoritative textbooks written by renowned authors and breakthrough products such as Connected eBooks, Connected Quizzing, and PracticePerfect.


In addition to essential online resources, our practice area blogs have become leading discussion forums, with contributions from distinguished experts in their selected fields fostering the dialogue and collaborative thinking that is driving the future of the profession.

Our Favorites


The Business of Contemporary Law Practices

1st Edition 

Christopher L. Meazell


The contemporary law practice has fundamentally changed. There has been a power shift from law firms to clients due to economic shifts, the impact of technology, and a leveling of information and metrics. Client focus, understanding, and service are more important than ever. It is clear that recent law graduates need to have an astute comprehension of business fundamentals and appreciation of the business drivers underpinning the practice of law.

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