Founded in 1980, LA LEY was integrated into Wolters Kluwer in 1994, maintaining its vocation of providing professionals in the legal sector with the solutions and services necessary for the development of their daily activity.


Since its inception, this label has been at the technological forefront, providing the most innovative solutions, focusing its efforts on satisfying the needs of its clients and providing them with work tools with the utmost rigor and quality.


All this, without forgetting the quality and rigor in the treatment of the contents, endorsed by the most prestigious authors and collaborators specialized in each of the branches of Law. It currently has the widest range of legal publications both in graphic and electronic support, together with solutions and products tailored for institutions, companies or groups.


LA LEY was the first to publish a Legal Journal in Spain that would allow all legal professionals to be up to date on the constant legal changes, at a time when information was only accessible on paper. Today, the diariolaley, accessible online and in smarteca (Wolters Kluwer's digital library in the cloud www.smarteca.es), is an essential source of information and legal opinion for thousands of legal professionals.


This renowned label was also the first to launch Databases on digital media, initially on CD or DVD and then on the Internet, today laleydigital being the reference solution for all legal professionals, combining extensive and rigorous content documentary, with the most innovative search system, tools and services. The annual call for the LA LEY Doctrinal Award, an award of recognized prestige in the legal world created in 1984, has as its vocation the promotion of legal research. After more than thirty editions, it has managed to establish itself as a benchmark, thanks to the close collaboration of the most renowned jurists in the country.

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The best way to stay up-to-date with all legal news

  • Access to the opinion of the most renowned specialists on each subject.

  • Comments on the most outstanding judgments prepared by Magistrates, Lawyers and Prosecutors of the Supreme and Constitutional Court.

  • Reports and documents prepared by institutions and organizations of interest for professional practice.

  • Analysis and comments of the legislative novelties elaborated in record time.

  • Chronicles and news of the most relevant legal news. Information, analysis and good practices related to the management and professionalization of law firms.

  • Special monitoring of new areas or specialties of Law, such as cyberlaw.