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Visible Body creates interactive A&P and biology products for the web and mobile devices. They give students everything they need to be successful in life sciences courses and help instructors create interactive content their students love.


Visible Body is a renowned producer of apps and software, serving over a million students, educators, and healthcare professionals worldwide. Their products utilize 3D visuals, micro-lessons, and interactive features reminiscent of games to enhance the study of anatomy and biology. This approach makes learning faster, easier, and more engaging for users.


Their internal team consists of:


- Biomedical visualization experts who hold advanced degrees in the art and science of effectively communicating complex human biology.

- Educational publishing executives and educators with extensive experience in instructional design, ensuring the highest quality educational materials.

- Programmers and software architecture experts who have crafted over a million lines of code to ensure efficient and seamless content delivery across various platforms.

- Sales and customer service professionals who actively engage with the global healthcare community, listening to their needs and providing valuable support.


This diverse and skilled team is at the heart of Visible Body's success, enabling them to offer cutting-edge educational solutions that cater to the needs of learners and professionals alike.

Our Favorites

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Everything you need to learn A&P and biology:


- Full 3D male and female dissectable models

- Short videos and 3D walkthroughs of normal operation and common conditions

- Self-paced A&P Bootcamp and Flashcards to study ​


A tool whose great precision is due to the work of the internal team of experts in biomedical visualization.


Available in 7 languages ​​for all of Latin America, ideal for universities, where both teachers and students will love its multiple functions and the realism of the images.

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