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Lefebvre offers practical solutions for the company and its advisers and is considered the leading provider of technology and legal content in Spain.


It is the editor of the Mementos and has an Ecosystem of solutions that cover all the needs of the firm and consultancy. It employs 450 people and is part of the European group Lefebvre Sarrut, whose mission is to activate knowledge for a fairer society. ​ ​LEFEBVRE also changes with the change, in an exercise of adaptation, to lead the transformation. Because to be the inspiration and guide of our clients we have to be in constant evolution

Nuestros Favoritos




More than 470 publications among which "MEMENTOS" stand out. ​


Memento Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing 2023-2024 ​


A work that comprehensively and exhaustively analyzes the national and international legal regime regarding the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing (PBC/FT).


The AML/TF obligations are rigorously detailed, differentiating between the different subjects bound by this demanding regulation.


It includes in detail the various aspects related to the prevention of money laundering.


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