Momentum Press is dedicated to developing collections of complementary titles within specific engineering disciplines and across topics of interest. Each collection is led by an editor who charts the strategic direction of the collection, focuses the work in a concise and applied direction, and helps deliver immediately actionable concepts for advanced engineering students.

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Momentum Press was established to provide innovative books written by academic and industry leaders. Our content is appropriate for upper-level undergraduate and graduate-level students as well as professionals. We serve academic and corporate librarians, academicians, and practitioners.
Momentum Press is dedicated to developing collections of complementary titles within specific engineering disciplines and across topics of interest.

New expansion beyond engineering into health, applied sciences and mathematics. Momentum Press will be organized into four imprints, Momentum Press Engineering, Momentum Press Health, Momentum Press Applied Sciences, and Momentum Press Mathematics.

The hallmarks of our company continue to be:

  • Quality global authorship: Our authors live up to our name. Whether academicians or practitioners, they are experts in their fields. Authoritative and reliable, their high-quality books are dependable, accessible resources dealing with a wide-range of topics.
  • Creative partnerships: Because of the flexibility and adaptability of our content, Momentum Press has developed a number of partnerships with universities, professional associations and other content providers. For example, we have partnered with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) since 2012.
  • Customer-driven purchasing and licensing policies: We make ebooks easy to buy, easy to own, and easy to use. There are no barriers to incorporating them into the classroom. Our straight-forward ordering process – free of complex licenses, complicated subscriptions, or user-based pricing models – makes MP the most library-friendly publisher in the industry.
  • Unique content model: Our concise and applied books offer precise, detailed information describing actionable and innovative solutions that are useful to students and practitioners alike. They are ideal resources for those seeking efficient ways to broaden their knowledge, acquire new skills, or refresh existing skill sets.
  • Comprehensive, accessible collections: Momentum Press books are organized into collections, monographs, and research books.


Industrial Engineering

Check out our a new sample chapters from forthcoming books! And learn more about our titles in Industrial, Systems, and Innovation Engineering, Manufacturing and Processes, Manufacturing Design, and Engineering Management.

Electrical Engineering

Take a look at a forthcoming book Elements of Algebraic Coding Systems Learn more about titles in this collection including books on Electrical Power, Communications and Signal Processing, Computer Engineering, Electronic Circuits and Semiconductor Devices, and much more.

Mechanical Engineering

Check out the sample chapter from Ginotis and see the sample chapter from Virtual Labs!! Click and learn more about titles in Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics, Acoustical Engineering, Automation and Control, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Automotive, Design, and Biomedical Engineering.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Sample titles available for preview! We have additional titles growing in collection such as Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Sustainable Systems Engineering, Performance Based Design, Construction, and many more.

Chemical Engineering

And see how this Collection is developing quickly with new titles in Chemical Reaction, Chemical Plant & Process Design, Thermal and Kinetics, and Petroleum Engineering.

Material Science

Click to learn more about our books in Materials Characterization and Analysis, Mechanics & Properties of Materials, Computational Materials Science, Biomaterials, Nanomaterials, Metals/Metallurgy, Non-Metals (includes Ceramics, composites and hybrids), and so many more.

Applied Science

A brand new collection of books beginning with Energy Physics and Engineering, edited by Dr. Swingler.

Health Science

An exciting new collection that will encompass many of the health disciplines, such as, Nutrition, Psychology. and Health Education.

Healthcare Administration

A new collection beginning with Practice Management